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- Double album comprising 32 orijinale monsta tunes

- Top-quality beets

- Bridge tournament at 5:30

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released December 10, 2016

Thx (in a particular order) 2: Prince Top-Rankin' Banton, Junior Hibbat, Burnin' Rasclot Rizla, Junior 'One-Drop' Lambsbread, Dread 'Scratch' Lion, Winston Marvin (RIP), Syd Sydenham, Ruth Eisley, Baby P, Mad-e, Natty Prophet, and all the other proles




Bongo Sticks Marley Royal Leamington Spa, UK

hI all! It's "your boy" Bongo-Sticks here! !

I'm an up-and-coming-drum-and-bass-artist who is down on making the raggest tunes to blow up them woofers!

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Track Name: Snitterfield Skank (Feat. Prince Top-Rankin' Banton & Junior Hibbat)
Man be blasting out the tunes on Snitterfield High Street
Got the treble in the sky and de bass-fatty beat
Man be skanking to the Stixx smoking 12g of weed
Den see dem cracka batty boy jiving his batty feet
I walk up say ‘Boi’ he go ‘what do you need’
Tellaman I’m a homophobe he go white as a sheet
Den I slam his batty skull up against de concrete
Se man a de brudda Bongo-Stick he be bringing de beat
Beat up on ya face right down to ya feet
With his rottin’ reggae riddims he be turn up the heat
Den de boy he crumple in a batty heap at me feet
Jah give me all the strength to victimise all the weak
Every minute every hour every day of the week
Iam de Top Rankin’ Banton beat up on the weak
See my mother abandoned me when I was 3
Sometimes I find myself thinking suicidally
Oh suicidally with my sexuality
I write all my bars with a doctorate in psychology
Oh won’t you set me free from the hell of being me
I write my bars with a masters in cryptozoology
I&I just want to stamp on Freud’s batty larynx
Taking coke to keep afloat while my life slowly sinks

The whole world needs to hold hands
And love one another
Irie be kind to neighbours
Call every man your brother
Together we fight the enemy
The batty boy we will smother
Take photos of his bloated cadaver
And show them to his mother
Return to the layby
And ??? gay guy
Squeeze man skull between my thigh
And jizz in his I&I
Boys and girls let de love run freely
Into man rotting socket
Rotting like the reggae rhythms
That Bongo keeps in his pocket
Together we rape the enemy
Depravity skyrocket
Then find the mother of the man who’s not my brother
And throw her in the cellar and lock it
Back to Snitterfield
Meet bag man in field
But man had bitter yield
Bag not properly sealed
Track Name: Soundcloud (U Ain't Even Sound) (Feat. Baby-P & Mad-e)
Soundcloud, there ain’t nothin sound
About getting a good track and taking it down
Bongo-Sticks is the fucking don
If you miss with him, you’ll get a dick to suck on
I’m widdit. Get our your pussy I’ll lick it
In the West Indies test match I’m scoring a wicket
Never zippo with lighters nah fam always Bic it
Never grind up my bammer, I’ll pick it, stick it
In a fat zoot show me the party I’m on it
And I’ll always spark and pass the bubonic
Like my dad’s back pains my Mary jane’s chronic
Got a loft up there with full hydroponic!
Beefed up my gear growing fast like Sonic
I’m Baby P, piss on your car bonnet
So don’t you fuck with my bredrin B
Put his heart and soul into remixing Happy
People say to me my rhymes are crappy
But always come back with something snappy
Happy remix was the only relief
From my apocalyptic depression, now roll up the kief
When transporting replica swords, use a sheath
And have seperate chopping boards when cutting beef
So Soundcloud, there ain’t nuffin sound
Cut off your balls send you to the dog pound
I can pay all the royalties if needs B
Cus I got bare P off my paper round
What you saying to me (x4)
I been smoking bare ganja lately
The war museum is stately
And the Leam skate park is skately
My bredrin are all good mates to me
I be writing these lyrics bare shakily
Cus I smoked too much crack lately
So soundcloud, there ain’t nuffin sound
I’ll crack your skull then dig up a mound
Bury Soundcloud alive, how’s that for sound
Then I’ll hump your wife like a rutting hound
Track Name: I Love The Ganja (Orijinale)
I’m 21, and my prospects they grow
Got a job, and a loving kids and wife
In a house in South Westward Ho!
I got no problems in my life, no no no no
On my fourth business trip out of town
Walking down Bognor Regis High Street
When I catch a whiff of the green behaired wi’ brown
And it smell so, so so sweet
Driving back stoned on the B42
New doors opening in my mind
I&I confused regarding what to do
Can I leave it all behind?
I told my wife ‘I can’t do it no more,
This job ain’t what I need’
She said ‘Robert, you must do what you love’
So I swapped my kids for an ounce of weed
Because you see
Can’t sleep without it
Can’t eat without it
Can’t speak without it
I&I afflicted
Can’t laugh without it
Can’t live without it
Can’t love without it
Seriously addicted
Now I sit here, in my ganja shed
Pitiful stares from my King James Spaniel
Not enough Mary-genie inside my head
Scraping the tub for that last sweet granule
My wife I still see her sometimes
I shove her away when she tries to kiss
She cries a lot, but I don’t mind
With the ganja I got nothing but bliss
Track Name: My Mum's Janet (Feat. Syd Sydenham)
My mum’s Janet and your mum’s Sue
I’m the Gestapolice you’re a Jew
You will never step to the Sydenham crew
We’re CV32 good for you
Pick up the plunger and service the loo
Sydenham get by without much ado
Sydenham’s remaining in the EU
SYD we’re coming for you
Trains over Blacky Bridge choo choo choo
Going ASDA get an Irish stew
Buy us a toastie buy us a brew
Stomp on your throat til your lips go blue
Kick you in the stomach give your elbow a chew
Kick you in the stomach get your ears a chew
Kick you in the stomach give your throat a chew
Mans going down londis get a maoam chew